Mouth of the south

Our Story

Mouth of the South started as just an idea in 2013, but it opened its doors in May 2014 in a small suburb of Omaha called Florence. The name has its roots in Ryan Erst’s friendship with Losole Mio and their son, Dino, who coined him the nickname ‘Mouth of the South.’ Tragically, Dino passed away in 2012, leaving Ryan with a final piece of advice to follow his dreams. Ernst’s passion has always been Southern food from Louisiana, which has unique flavors and styles unlike any other. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the entire business in April 2017, and he lost everything.

Ernst was later given a chance to partner with restaurateur Greg Cutchall and CMC, and with their team, guidance, and vision, they managed to grow Mouth of the South to what it is today. Sadly, Greg Cutchall passed away in May 2022. We commit to providing the best authentic Southern Cajun cuisine each and every day.

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